The goal of this meeting was to offer background on Set Theory, especially large cardinals, and discuss a number of situations in Abelian Group Theory, Category Theory and Algebraic Topology where set-theoretical methods play a crucial role for the solution of certain open problems. The courses were aimed at a mixed audience of graduate students, recent doctors, and also specialists in some focus area of the meeting who wanted to know more about the other areas.

Lectures started on Thursday, September 1, at 15.30. The afternoon of September 2 was devoted to Algebraic Topology and the afternoon of September 3 focused on Category Theory. Problem sessions were organized on Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon. A two-day workshop followed, ending September 8 in the evening.

The course was promoted and sponsored by the Spanish Topology Network as a part of its annual program. The event was also supported by Ingenio Mathematica (i-MATH) and by the Mathematical Institute of the University of Barcelona.



Joan Bagaria, Universitat de Barcelona
A gentle introduction to the theory of large cardinals
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Andreas Blass, University of Michigan
Set-theoretic aspects of abelian groups
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Rüdiger Göbel, Universität Duisburg-Essen
How to construct large wild algebraic structures
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Slides of Lecture 2      Transparencies of Lecture 2
Slides of Lecture 3      Transparencies of Lecture 3

Menachem Magidor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Set-theoretical methods used in abelian group theory:
A potential for generalization

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Slides of Lecture 2
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Carles Casacuberta, Universitat de Barcelona
Combinatorial models for unstable and stable homotopy
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Luke Wolcott, University of Washington
Set theory questions in homotopy theory
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Jiří Rosický, Masarykova univerzita
Accessible categories and inaccessible cardinals
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Jan Šťovíček, Univerzita Karlova
Infinite combinatorics in homological algebra
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Andrew Brooke-Taylor, University of Bristol
Large cardinals and colimits
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Wojciech Chachólski, KTH, Stockholm
Three stories about complexity of fibrations

Boris Chorny, University of Haifa
Enriched Brown representability for the dual

Sakaé Fuchino, Kobe University
Reflection of some properties of uncountable structures
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Misha Gavrilovich, Kurt Gödel Research Center
A homotopy viewpoint on PCF

Rüdiger Göbel, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Absolute E-rings

Javier J. Gutiérrez, Universitat de Barcelona
Coreflective semilocalizing subcategories in triangulated categories with models
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Dolors Herbera, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Almost free modules and Mittag-Leffler conditions
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Patrick Keef, Whitman College
Mahlo cardinals and the torsion product
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Menachem Magidor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Reflecting group radicals and other cardinal sins

Adam Przeździecki, Warsaw University of Life Sciences
How comprehensive is the category of abelian groups?
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