Colloquium IMUB Ivan Smith

La propera sessió del col·loqui de l’IMUB, tindrà lloc el proper 4 de maig en l’aula T1 a les 12:15

Conferenciant: Ivan Smith (Cambridge University)

Title: Floer homothopy theory

Abstract: Homotopy theory studies the algebraic topology of (nice) spaces, and an
important point is that many phenomena become simpler if you work
`stably’ in a certain sense. Floer theory involves counting holomorphic
curves in symplectic manifolds and arises naturally in algebraic geometry
and dynamics; an important point is that one wants to count such
curves, but can traditionally only do so working over the rationals,
because of finite symmetry groups. Recently, ideas from stable
homotopy theory have allowed one to define certain Floer-theoretic
invariants over the integers. I will try and explain some of the
background to both fields, and what makes this new connection
between the two possible.