Nou col.loqui el 26 de febrer a les 12:15, aula T1 per Stefanella Boatto del
Instituto de Matemática, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vortex and gravitational modeling: a long journey with a rich
mathematical history

Vortex and gravitational dynamics have along fascinating and interwoven
histories, both for the modeling and for the different areas of
mathematics needed to study the corresponding models. Philosophical
questions reside behind the modeling part, as for example how do we define
gravity beyond our Euclidean perception? Are the laws, we are so familiar
with, universal? What is the geometry of our universe?

As for vortices within the boundary of our Solar systems we witness
fascinating images of vortex dynamics. Recent beautiful observations of
polygonal configurations of vortices present in the atmosphere of Jupiter
and Saturn, and of polygonal jets in the Earth’s atmosphere have revived
the interest in the subject.